LED dimmer list




 All recommended dimmers were tested with 1 and 6 bulbs or with an integrated LED fixture.
No flickering was noticed.
All our products with adjustable intensity in LED are compatible with the listed dimmers. Otherwise, an “X” is marked next to the dimmer. However, it is possible that in certain circumstances a flickering can be noticed.
Multiple reasons can be possible but the most current include: electric equipment with engine, an electronic product producing interferences on the electric line, CFL bulbs, bad bulbs or LED bulbs connected on the same phase.
Reminder: an LED bulb response quickly to any variation on the electric line compared to an incandescent bulb.
All our bulbs and fixture were tested for an ambient noise with our compatible dimmers and have a noise level widely lower than the Energy Star standard of 24DB in 1 meter.
Upon verification, if the problems persist, we ask that you send us an e-mail at: service@bazz.ca with your proof of purchase as well as the model # of the product and the description of the problem.
We shall then send you a form to be returned to us with the defective product so that we can make the necessary checks.