Recessed lighting

plusWhere can I install recessed lights?

Recessed lighting can be used in any area. It creates an atmosphere by concentrating light on a kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, living room etc... Recessed lighting could be used to create an effect by washing the walls or as a general lighting need. Recessed lighting can be used as an accent on a painting, a bowl of fruits on your table, or a plant.

Dim the perimeter of your living room to create an atmosphere and add a chandelier in the center of your space, this will create an ideal lighting in your living area.

Recessed lighting can also be used in your shower with light fixtures specially made for damp areas.

plusHow to select the right recessed fixture ?

Choose your recessed fixtures according to your lighting needs. BAZZ recessed fixtures can be installed in every type of room. But some recessed fixtures also have specific application features. For example, for damp location or bathroom we recommend series 100, for exterior or soffit installations we recommend series 200 or 400.

Note:  The bulb determines the lighting output. And BAZZ recessed fixtures structure is developed to fit with specific bulbs. Below you will find suggested criteria to evaluate your lighting needs and choose the right recessed fixture.


plusWhat is an insulated ceiling?

An insulated ceiling is a ceiling with thermal insulation. In this case an insulated ceiling box (BT1200) is required to prevent contact from hot light fixtures with the insulation in ceilings. For insulated ceilings located under an attic space (exterior ceiling), it is recommended to install a vapor barrier (VAP101) over the insulation box to avoid risks of condensation and waste of energy.


plusWhat is a plaster frame ?

Plaster frames (PF1101 or PF606) are used in new constructions or renovations. They are used to locate the recessed downlight and allow the gypsum board installer to cut out the hole necessary for the recessed downlight installation before closing the ceiling. We recommend using plaster frame PF2002 for exterior installations with soffit or for hanging ceiling installations.

plusIs it possible to install recessed lighting fixtures in an existing ceiling?

Yes it is possible with our recessed fixtures that are sold in complete kits including junction box, installation clips, bulb housing and trim.



Make sure the clearance above ceiling is sufficient. For insulated ceiling, it is more complicated since you will need to have access from the attic to install the required insulated ceiling box BT1200

plusWhat is the distance recommended between the light fixtures?

First you have to identify the lighting you are looking for. There are different types of lighting: general lighting, wall or accent lighting.


plusWhat does thermal protection mean?

All our recessed lighting fixtures are thermally protected. A thermal protector installed inside the can will shut off the recessed light if the temperature rises to an unacceptable level. It is a security device.

plusWhy is my lamp blinking?

Blinking is due to  overheating. The maximum wattage of the bulb must be respected otherwise the temperature of the lamp rises and the thermal protection shuts off the lamp. It blinks because after a while, the temperature of the recessed fixture drops and the temperature goes back to normal causing the lamp to turn on again. This situation can occur when the light fixture is installed in insulation without proper insulation ceiling box. 

plusHow many light fixtures can I put on one electrical circuit?

For one circuit of 15 amp 120V, it is recommended to install a maximum of 22 fixtures of 50 watts each. We recommend using the services of a qualified electrician.

plusHow can I fix if the installation hole is too big?

If the hole size is too big, you must find another recessed lamp with a bigger diameter size to adapt to the hole. If not possible, replastering is an alternative.


plusWhat is the minimum distance between the light fixture and joist?

1/2 (inch) minimum all around.

plusCan I use a dimmer switch?

Yes. In low voltage category, max 300 watts per circuit is possible. In line voltage category, max 600 watts per circuit is possible. Use recommended dimmers for halogen.

plusDo dimmers exist for fluorescent bulbs ?

Yes, but sometimes light transition might not be as smooth as expected. For light quality, we don’t recommend using dimmers with fluorescent bulbs.